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 Sundries for Sale 

How to order

Our current availability list can be found below.


To place an order, download and complete our Order Form and email the completed form to Alternatively, email with your contact details and a list of the plants and/or sundries that you would like to purchase; or complete the form on our Contact page. We will then confirm with you what is available, the cost of postage and packaging and the total cost for your order.

The photographs are representative of the ranges available and only the colours shown can currently be supplied.

Orders can only be accepted from within the United Kingdom and will be processed in strict order of receipt. For this reason we will confirm all orders by email with a total amount to be paid.

The only payment we can accept is via PayPal, for which a 3% fee will be added to your order.

Parcels will be posted using Royal Mail First Class as soon as possible after payment, normally on the first or second Saturday depending on the number of orders in hand.  Royal Mail states delivery within 1 day but this is outside our control.

Please check your order upon receipt. In the unlikely event of a problem, please contact us by email within seven days of receipt with a photograph of the affected item and we will sort something out.  

We will not share any of your personal data with anyone other than Royal Mail unless we are required to release it to a competent authority as a matter of law.

MBP 6cm
round pots
D: 6cm H: 5.8cm

£0.75/5 pots

£1.35/10 pots

TEKU 7cm Black
round pots
D: 7cm H: 5.4cm

£0.85/5 pots

£1.53/10 pots

TEKU 10cm
round pots
D: 10cm H: 7.7cm

£1.25/5 pots

£2.25/10 pots

TEKU 13cm
round pots
D: 13cm H: 9.9cm

£2.30/5 pots

£4.14/10 pots

Gottinger 7cm square pots
7cm x 7cm x 8cm

£1.15/5 pots

£2.07/10 pots

Chempak No 4
750g    NPK  15:15:30


White plastic labels
H: 10cm W: 1.5cm

£1.00/20 labels

£2.25/50 labels

TEKU 6cm
round pots
D: 6cm H: 4.6cm

£0.70/5 pots

£1.26/10 pots

TEKU 8cm
round pots
D: 8cm H: 6.2cm

£0.90/5 pots

£1.62/10 pots

TEKU 11cm
round pots
D: 11cm H: 8.4cm

£1.75/5 pots

£3.15/10 pots

TEKU 14cm
round pots
D: 14cm H: 10.9cm

£3.10/5 pots

£5.58/10 pots

TEKU 10cm square pots
10cm x 10cm x 11cm

£4.80/5 pots

£8.64/10 pots

Chempak No 8 Fertiliser
750g    NPK  12.5:25:25


TEKU 7cm
round pots
D: 7cm H: 5.4cm

£0.85/5 pots

£1.53/10 pots

TEKU 9cm
round pots
D: 9cm H: 6.8cm

£0.95/5 pots

£1.71/10 pots

TEKU 12cm
round pots
D: 12cm H: 9.4cm

£2.00/5 pots

£3.60/10 pots

TEKU 15cm
round pots
D: 15cm H: 11.4cm

£4.80/5 pots

£8.64/10 pots

Gottinger 12cm square pots
12cm x 12cm x 12cm

£4.00/5 pots

£7.20/10 pots

SB Plant


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